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A remarkable cultural heritage!
French culture is both important and influential: its literature and philosophers have permeated schools of thought around the world. Cultural heritage in France is considerable. France possesses more than 30 UNESCO World heritage sites.

Characterized by an “art de vivre”, French culture maintains traditional values including a recognized gastronomy (particularly known for its cheeses and wines) and in areas such as high fashion and fine jewellery.

The rich French culture is known for its diversity: a reflection of the many different cultures of the regions of France, the borrowing of culture from other people, and from the great geographic, ethnic and political stability.

French: A language of diversity!
The language associated with French culture is the language of love and of the mind. Learn French: it’s a pleasure to learn such a beautiful, rich and melodious language. French is also an analytic language that structures thought and develops critical thinking which is very useful in discussions and negotiations.

For more than 20 years students from all over the world have come to Azurlingua to learn French.

Come discover French culture, a world-class culture!

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