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Who are you ?

My name is Kirill Knaub and I am Russian from Perm, I love to travel and I love European culture. Once my military service was over I decided to come to France.

What are you doing in France?

I came to France to learn French and to meet other nationalities.

Why did you choose the Azurlingua school?

A friend of mine came to learn French at the Azurlingua school, she was a beginner and ended up taking her DELF B2, she told me that it was an excellent school, so I contacted the school and do my registration.

How was your stay in school organized?

I chose to live at the School Residence, I had a very comfortable single room. When I arrived in Nice I had to open a bank account and the school accompanied me to do so. In 5 months I learned to speak French correctly.

What advice can you give to future Azurlingua students?

Azurlingua, it’s cool! Come and learn French!

Your conclusion?

I am very well in Nice.


Who are you ?

My name is Roman Gotz and I am a German student of Pharmacy. I love to travel to meet other cultures and especially to learn new things.

What are you doing in France?

I came to France to learn French.

Why did you choose the Azurlingua school?

I contacted an agency who advised me to choose this school, I do not regret it at all, because I feel at home here.

How was your stay in school organized?

Very well, I chose as my accommodation to be staying with a host family, in which I had all the comforts I wanted. As I tell my friends, I have a third mother : My biological mother, my host mother in Argentina as well as my host mother in Nice.

What advice can you give to future Azurlingua students?

To be serious because in this school we study French seriously, which is very good.

Your conclusion?

When I arrived in Nice I was a beginner and did not understand French, today I am at a B1 level. Come to Nice to learn French at the Azurlingua school because the weather is wonderful, there is no stress, we meet new people. The only negative point: when my friends left when they have finished their stay, it was sad ... I spent 24 weeks at this school.


Hello! My name is Rebecca and I was a student in Yulia's class for the past few weeks.

I just wanted to say that Yulia is a fantastic teacher and she explains so well. All of Yulia's other students say the same thing.

She gives us confidence in ourselves. And I, who was a student in England twice before, have never had a better teacher than Yulia.

I just wanted to say that!

Kind regards


I was lucky to do a French course for a week with Azurlingua via Zoom.

At first I was skeptical about the quality and effectiveness of this type of teaching. But I was really surprised and impressed by the professionalism and good mastery of Zoom from my teacher, who I highly recommend for learning French online at AzurLingua. We can improve our knowledge of the language while staying at home!


Thank you for your competence, patience and calm. Yes, I feel like I've improved my French skill. I will recommend Azurlingua school to everyone :)

Special thanks to Jean-Luc, Nicolas and Antonio. You helped me speak better!

Thank you very much to the AzurLingua team, you are excellent!

Thank you, thank you and thank you again!


Everything went well from the first lesson.

The students and Professor Nicolas are very nice and motivated.

Nicolas is a great professional.

Big thanks.



I took French classes with Azurlingua. I had a very good experience. The small group class allowed me to make progress.

I now have confidence in myself to speak French.

A big thank you to Mr. Antonio for his patient and good humor.

Have a nice week end Regards,


Thank you very much for everything concerning my stay with you. Registration was very easy, quick and therefore very satisfying.

I have chosen your school on a human scale where the majority or teachers are very motivated. They always want us to make progress.

I loved the classes with native speakers, who participated in a fantastic way and therefore I could improve my French during these three weeks , before to come back to Switzerland.

I think Azurlingua school is perfect for enjoying the holidays while learning the French language.

I look forward to my next stay with you.

See you soon


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